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PBCore is a Metadata & Cataloging Resource
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Who May Use the PBCore
Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary


The PBCore (Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary) was created by the public broadcasting community in the United States of America for use by public broadcasters and related communities. Initial development funding for PBCore was provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  The PBCore is built on the foundation of the Dublin Core (ISO 15836), an international standard for resource discovery (http://dublincore.org), and has been reviewed by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Usage Board.


PBCore is designed to provide—for television, radio and Web activities—a standard way of describing and using media (video, audio, text, images, rich interactive learning objects). It allows content to be more easily retrieved and shared among colleagues, software systems, institutions, community and production partners, private citizens, and educators. It can also be used as a guide for the onset of an archival or asset management process at an individual station or institution. Such a standard is pivotal to applying the real power of digital technology to meet the mission of public broadcasting.

Funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, PBCore, as a well-formed metadata dictionary, directly addresses public broadcasting’s mission by making its content more easily accessible to teachers, scholars, lifelong learners, engaged citizens, and community partners.

Available free of charge to public broadcasting stations, distributors, vendors, partners, and related communities, version 1.0 of PBCore was launched in the first quarter of 2005 and version 1.1 was published in the first quarter of 2007. Please reference the links to Who May Use PBCore and PBCore Licensing for additional information about usage and implementation. .

Licensing Agreement–This work, the PBCore (Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary), is licensed under a Creative Commons License. See our Licensing Agreement via the Creative Commons for further information on employing PBCore in your projects and initiatives and how to properly attribute your use of PBCore to the Metadata Dictionary Project.
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