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PBCore is a Metadata & Cataloging Resource
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Project Background
Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary


Background and Project Rationales Background and Project Rationales

Review the Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary Project rationales.

At a Glance...Some Frequently Asked Questions

Read in a few, short paragraphs about the need for and work assigned to the Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary Project.

Read the Report to the 2003 Dublin Core Conference

As part of the 2003 Dublin Core Conference in Seattle, Washington, the PB Core metadata elements were reviewed (pre-version 1.0 as currently published). The paper also discussed the project's beginnings, the need, the issues, challenges and next steps.

Review Papers & Presentations, Resources & Links

As the Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary Project progressed, dozens of papers and presentations were generated to share the goal and spread the word about the PBCore. Lists of resources, readings, and websites were also compiled.

Browse the List of Project Participants

Many individuals were part of the Working Group and Task Teams for the PBCore: the Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary Project. They represent public television and radio stations, the producing and program distributor communities, as well as national organizations. Each participant was selected for his/her general awareness of metadata issues, as well as for the ability to represent the metadata-related needs and concerns of specific disciplines.

Visit the Companion Website about Asset Management

As the Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary Project began, a companion website was created that dealt with the broader concerns and questions about digital asset management.







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