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PBCore is a Metadata & Cataloging Resource
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Collaboration and Feedback about the PBCore
Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary


A metadata dictionary and the situations in which it is applied are not static. Much work has been accomplished in order to define a core set of metadata descriptors for use by Public Broadcasters and their associated communities and partners. However, we are part of an evolutionary process that is building a "Community of Practice" for the uses and applications of the PBCore.

At the present time, the National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM), the WGBH Educational Foundation, is chartered as the official PBCore Authority and Maintenance Organization. This Authority will maintain the PBCore, in addition to providing user support, training, and PBCore metadata tools (see User Guide).

PBCore Resource Website: Designed for robust user interaction and collaboration, the PBCore Resource Website is a blog-like website where PBCore users and developers can post questions, code, comments, etc., and get answers. Users can start discussions that lead to answers. This website is created by PBCore users for PBCore users, and it helps inform the evolution of PBCore from the ground up. Join by linking to http://www.pbcoreresources.org.

PBCore Listserv: A listserv open to interested parties in PBCore, its metadata elements, cataloging, and implementing metadata dictionaries and schemas is available. This is an excellent resource for sharing feedback about PBCore and its use. For instructions on how to join, link to PBCore Listserv.

At all times, we welcome feedback, questions, comments, concerns, requests, needs, and quandries about the PBCore.

Website Manager: If you have specific questions or comments about the structure or content of the PBCore Website itself, contact the site's current web manager, Paul E. Burrows, University of Utah, Salt Lake City (pburrows@media.utah.edu).





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